Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Sorry I've been MIA for a couple of weeks.  I have really been struggling with the plateau that I had been on for four weeks straight.

It went a little something like this:
Week One: no loss
Week Two: 1 1/2 pound gain
Week Three: 1 pound gain
Week Four: no loss

I was so frustrated because I really was doing everything right.  I was following the plan.  I was counting all my points.  I wasn't using all my flex points and I had even started exercising a little bit. I was completely frustrated and mystified by the whole situation.  Prior to those four weeks, I had been losing at a steady pace.

It was during the fourth week of my plateau that I broke down and cried for about 30 minutes after my weigh-in.  I was seriously at the point of throwing in the towel.  I mean, what was the point of being so good and eating all the vegetables and fruit and denying myself the things I really wanted if it wasn't going to change anything?

I really don't know how I found the gumption to keep going, but I did.  I have amazing support from my husband, my mother and my best friend.  They were all encouraging me to hang in there.

During a Skype session with my best friend, Karen, something she said clicked for me. She reminded me that I have been through a lot of medical/physical changes since the beginning of the year.  My medications have been changed several times and I have had new ones added.  She reminded me that my thyroid was all out of whack and that I needed to allow all these things to settle down and fall into place.

My next weigh-in was approaching and I was dreading it.  I was so afraid to step on those scales and see no progress.  I wasn't sure I could handle the disappointment.

Friday morning came and I said a little prayer before I stepped on the scale (which I always do).  I closed my eyes and stepped up.  I waited just a couple of seconds before I opened my eyes, and looked down.

I'm happy to report, I had a 1 1/2 pound loss.  I was so shocked, I had to get off and get back on just to be sure.

I wasn't seeing my progress until I put these pics side by side.
I'm so glad I didn't throw in the towel.  I'm so glad that I had my support team in place and that they kept me going even when I'm sure they were probably tired of hearing me whine; especially my husband.

I'm learning so much through this journey.  It's not easy, but then, I never thought it would be.

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