Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beginning Again

I wish I knew how much weight I have lost in my lifetime.  I'm sure I can't even fathom the number and it would probably only depress me.

I have struggled with my weight since I was about 12 years old.  It has been a constant roller coaster ride.  I lost 70 pounds in high school and managed to keep it off for a few years.  I was at a pretty decent weight when I met my husband and got married.  I even managed to lose weight after I had my son.

It was when my son was two years old that I suddenly started to gain weight uncontrollably and seemingly overnight.  I gained 30 pounds very quickly and I felt like I was going to die.  I went to my doctor and discovered that I had hypothyroidism.

Long story short, I have been on medication ever since.  The medication took away most of the symptoms I had, but it has not taken away the excess weight.  In fact, the battle of the bulge just got much more difficult.  Over the past two years I have lost 50 pounds and gained 20.

That said, I am beginning the journey again.  This week I have started counting calories.  I hate dieting.  I know that true success cannot be obtained through diet.  It has to be a complete change of life.  I have to change my habits and my way of thinking.

I'm inviting you to join me on this journey.  I have 90 pounds to lose.  I will be keeping track of my progress here on my blog.  I intend to be honest.  It will be brutal I'm sure.  I have never been open about my weight.  I mean, it's obvious that I'm overweight.  One only has to look at me to know that.  But, I have never been open and honest about the amount of weight I need to lose and the demons I fight to be obedient to a healthy lifestyle.

So, get ready!  There will be laughter, tears, anger, pain, joy and ultimately success!  I'm determined to change my life. Cheerleaders are welcome to leave comments.  Haters, please stay away.


  1. I love it! You have conviction in your words and Im sure you will take charge and lose it! Im so very proud of you and I LOVE you!